Virtual Running

I only recently discovered Virtual Running. And I've found that it's ideal for me.

Twice in the past I've signed up for races well in advance only to find by the time the race has come around that I've not been fit enough. Now that I'm older still and suffer with a particular health problem that just springs up again out of the blue, I can't really sign up much more than a week in advance of a race. And not all races have open entries on the day, especially the 'big' ones. So my medal haul has been very sparse.

I was delighted to find that I can now get the running 'bling' more or less on my own terms. I can sign up on the day and then just get out the door. That's terrific for me!

I've found a number of Virtual Running websites and their links are in the sidebar. I'm signed up to each of them one way or another as they each have their own particular attractions. Day by day, each of the organisers operate through Facebook and Facebook Groups which gives a good insight into these virtual communities.

Virtual running and racing is a world wide community too. I recently joined the Amerithon Challenge organised by Run The Edge in the USA. The private Facebook Groups associated with the challenge have an extraordinary number of subscribers. I've had a phenomenal number of responses to the few posts I've written; and all very encouraging and helpful.

Do give it a try.

At the beginning of 2016 I only had 3 medals. Now look!!!

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