Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Just Like That

It was November 2018 when in true Forrest Gump style I stopped running and - "Just like that, my running days was over."

I don't know what brought it on. Maybe like Forrest Gump I was just feeling tired. I'd had all sorts of hopes and dreams for my running. But I think that I intuitively felt, not that my heart wasn't in it any longer, but maybe my heart couldn't take it any longer. I've been plagued continually for a number of years with palpitations, especially when I'm stressed or tired; and to keep my heartbeat elevated above 120 bpm for much more than just a few minutes, which running demands of me, began to feel foolhardy.

I'm almost 70 years of age and I want a lot more years yet. I still want good exercise and time in the countryside on the trails I used to run around home. So I've decided to walk instead of run.

Just like that!

If it is a downside to running, the only one I can think of with regard to walking is that covering the same distance takes me at least twice as long. But then, I'm out in the countryside a lot longer and I have the time to appreciate the landscape more, and everything that goes with it. I still get the health benefits and I'm not half as tired so I don't need to rest as much.

I'll miss the races but I can enter challenge walks and hikes. I'm not really thinking of that yet though, if at all. I'm just getting my walking legs and body back. The days of pushing myself hard are over, but that doesn't mean to say I won't break out into a trot now and again on a downhill! We'll see.

I'm going to record my walks on this blog; at least a sample. And if what's here inspires anyone to get off the couch and to take a bit of walking or running exercise then that'll be good.

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