Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thursday's 10k Day - A New Route

Well, not quite a new route as I've done this route before. But I've done it today for the VirtuaRace 10k Yellow medal. It's on pre-release, scheduled for 15th March

The road bits of the run are straightforward but I'd forgotten how uneven the trail parts are especially in mile 2 going uphill and in mile 3 coming down hill after the climb. It was really quite exhausting choosing secure footfalls and I had to move side to side quite a bit which began to play havoc with my left hip. So another lesson for me about how to stay out of hip discomfort -keep as straight a course as possible.

I actually finished the run in my quickest 10k time this year; a minute faster than my last Virtual Running Co. 10k. But because of the difficulties underfoot, I think, I feel quite exhausted after it. Another lesson - on this route take my time on the long uphill going out section and conserve some energy for the faster down hill trail and then canal bank coming back.

I'm quickly coming to understand that different routes require different tactics if I'm after better times for each of them. But of course, the biggest variable factor is body, mind and spirit; and it's best to as quickly as possible to determine how each of those feel and then tailor the run accordingly.

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