Thursday, 4 February 2016

Run The Edge 13.1 Level 7 Day 2

I did Level 7 Day 1 of Run The Edge 13.1 Training plan on Monday and today I did Day 2 which comprised of 10 mins run; 1 min walk repeated 3 times. I did race pace and added a few metres of run after the third walking minute to complete 5k. I used the Virtual Running Co. 5k route and was quicker than I ran it last time with similar conditions - wet and windy but running all the time. So I was pleased about that.

My next session will have to be a lot less intense so I'll be doing just 15 minutes running. The rest of
the session can be jog and walk. And then on Monday, all being well, I'll do the final session which is a straight 35 min run. These Levels 7, 8 and 9 are to get you used to varying your speed.

I might then leave starting Level 8 until the following week and just do a couple of recovery runs with a couple of days rest in between. I've followed the plan before and done too much, trying to complete each level in a week. That approach is no good for me now. I need much more rest and recovery time between runs.

But, as always, being sensible, I'll get there.

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