Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year

I'd decided to have two days rest after my run on Saturday last. But then yesterday afternoon I realised that February 29th was coming around tomorrow and it wouldn't be here again for another 4 years. That year I will be 70 years old. So I couldn't let this 29th February go by without going for a run to mark it and hopefully next 29th February to see if I'm even still running!!

I chose to run a 5k in celebration of the day and I thought I'd rather like to have a medal to mark it. Virtual Runner UK's Leap Year medals had all gone. So I signed up for POW Virtual Running's POW! 2016 medal, which is an any time, any distance medal for the whole of the year.

With this in mind I set out this morning on The Virtual Running Co. 5k route I have, but doing it
according to the Level Up 13.1 training plan Level 7 run which is -  Run 15 Jog 3 Run 15 Jog 3. I thought that should help me cover it in a decent time and at the same time to do this next step of half marathon training.

As it turned out, I beat my Personal Best for this route by a good 1min. 30 secs fairly steaming along the first 15 minutes and not losing very much at all in the following jog. I'd finished the run before I got to the second 'jog' stage.

So I was very pleased with my effort this morning and I'll have a medal soon to mark it as well. I definitely feel I'm getting fitter and stronger as the weeks go by. I just have to watch I don't overdo it as I've done so much in the past, and get the rest days in.

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