Thursday, 25 February 2016

If You Don't Go - You Won't Know

This morning was another beautiful morning. No cloud today and -4C. Lovely! I'd intended just doing 5k to keep the ks on target to 1,000, but I'd been intrigued by a footpath sign by the canal for a while, wondering where the trail led. I'd looked on Google Earth and seen where the footpath went so this morning I decided to follow. So I was a bit off piste.

But, 'if you don't go you won't know'. I've got lost more than once on my runs but you've got to give it a go. It helps to keep the motivation fresh. And this route worked out to exactly 5 miles which would be helpful in the future.

There's very often a downside and this route's was a bit of a longish stretch of road through an industrial estate to get back to the canal. But it was not too busy with motor vehicles at that time in the morning so worth the sacrifice.

I tried the path across the field to begin with, part of my regular route but the frozen mud was just impossible even to walk on without twisting an ankle, so I'll have to wait until more people have travelled over it and eroded it into something of a path again.

On the way back up from Crooke, had it not been so cold it would have been like Summer as I could hear birdsong overhead, way up, as I remember it lying in a field on my back as a boy and gazing up into the clear blue sky at birds hovering and singing their hearts out. Wonderful!

Good photos from the path this morning though:

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