Saturday, 20 February 2016

Another 10K

I hadn't really planned to run it today, I was intending leaving it until next Thursday but I was feeling ok this morning so set out to see if I could run a 10k. I did it and submitted it for the POW Virtual Running Kryptonite Dash 10k.

The hardest part was along the canal bank. It's a long stretch of almost flat, just a gentle rise from Appley Bridge to Crooke. It felt hard because it was just one step after another, so hard on the hips. I changed my pace a bit to relieve it but when I got the final hill stretch before home I felt really
powered up.

I think that comes from using my muscles in a different way. It's more undulating, less monotonous. Anyway, this last part of the run was one of my quickest.

My time was just about 30 seconds slower than my 10k earlier in the month so I was pleased.

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