Saturday, 30 January 2016

Orange medal

My VirtuaRace 5k
I've had a few rough days this last week, and a bit busy too. I'd thought I might go to the Parkrun but when I got up I wasn't in the frame of mind to socialise so I decided that instead I'd set myself a challenge. I needed to 'man up' a bit after the rough week, so I signed up for the 'Orange' VirtuaRace 5k medal first thing this morning and decided to run it in competition with myself, over the same route that I ran for the 'Blue' medal on 16th January.

The morning was cold and very windy (25-30 mph) and the wind was in front of me on the way back and so up the hill as well. Added to that, the lace on my left shoe came undone and I had to stop and
retie it part way up the hill.

My watch was telling me I was 50 yards in front of where I was at that time on 16th January run when I stopped to tie my lace. When I'd done that I was 20 yards in front but the wind slowed me down to just about equal. By the time I'd finished my watch told me I'd taken the same time to complete the distance.

However, when I got in a uploaded the info from my watch, the website said I was 36 seconds down on my previous attempt! Well, that's technology for you. For me it was a moral victory because the wind speed on 16th January was 4 mph. Hardly a breath! And my shoe laces behaved themselves that day too so I didn't have to stop for anything.

Anyway, it was close and the medal will arrive next week.

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