Saturday, 16 January 2016

First really cold morning

I decided to do Haigh Woodlands Parkrun this morning but alas, it was cancelled due to ice on the course. It was a beautiful morning too, the first really cold one (-4C) and I love running on mornings like this. So I went home and did a timed 5k on my usual route. I managed for me what is a good time now, the best for a long while. 30 secs. faster than New Year's Day. Maybe I can improve on it even moreduring the year. You can see the route here:

Same route and a bit like this morning but it was much more sunny.
I've also entered January's virtual race with Virtua Race. So I sent off this morning's time for the medal. Also, I sent the time to Virtual Running Uk as I signed up with them too; but not for a medal.

And I'm signed up with POW Virtual Running for their February race - The Kryptonite Challenge.

Oh, and I also signed up with Strava for a 10k challenge this month. Almost forgot!

The thing is, I need to see something for my running. Prove myself a bit. And especially that my age isn't getting it's deathly grip around me all that easily.

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