Saturday, 30 January 2016

Orange medal

My VirtuaRace 5k
I've had a few rough days this last week, and a bit busy too. I'd thought I might go to the Parkrun but when I got up I wasn't in the frame of mind to socialise so I decided that instead I'd set myself a challenge. I needed to 'man up' a bit after the rough week, so I signed up for the 'Orange' VirtuaRace 5k medal first thing this morning and decided to run it in competition with myself, over the same route that I ran for the 'Blue' medal on 16th January.

The morning was cold and very windy (25-30 mph) and the wind was in front of me on the way back and so up the hill as well. Added to that, the lace on my left shoe came undone and I had to stop and
retie it part way up the hill.

My watch was telling me I was 50 yards in front of where I was at that time on 16th January run when I stopped to tie my lace. When I'd done that I was 20 yards in front but the wind slowed me down to just about equal. By the time I'd finished my watch told me I'd taken the same time to complete the distance.

However, when I got in a uploaded the info from my watch, the website said I was 36 seconds down on my previous attempt! Well, that's technology for you. For me it was a moral victory because the wind speed on 16th January was 4 mph. Hardly a breath! And my shoe laces behaved themselves that day too so I didn't have to stop for anything.

Anyway, it was close and the medal will arrive next week.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Watch didn't work

I decided not to go to the Parkrun today as my stomach was a bit off. So I decided to go for an easy run locally and take a few photos instead. It was a nice sunny morning.

When I got back, my watch wouldn't upload the data to my computer or to my phone so I ended up entering it manually on the various apps. I soft reset the watch and it worked again when I tried it this afternoon. So all's well with that. In future I'll run an app e.g. Runkeeper on my phone as well as the watch; especially in a race or for a virual running medal.

We learn!!

Nice morning

Attempt at a selfie

Invites you to go through!

The trail - Lovely

My favourite bit of trail - don't know why

Thursday, 21 January 2016

10k Day - First of 2016

I did a 10k today, in just under 1.20.00. It's the first I've done for a long time and I'm happy with the time. I've submitted it for the 10k January medal from The Virtual Running Company So I'm looking forward to receiving that. Now I've got a 5k time and a 10k time to measure myself against for the coming year. I'm looking forward to getting quicker. Both of those courses are on trail and road but mainly trail. I will be quicker on an all road course but I'm not so much bothered about the road time as I much prefer running on the trails.

My left hip started to ache at about 4 miles. But it soon recovered after I stopped. It aches more when I'm running up hill. It's always troubled me. I'll have to do some leg and core strengthening exercises; squats and sit-ups.

Screen shots of my run are across to the right but you can see today's 10k route more closely here if you like.

running apps

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


My first virtual running medal arrived this morning. It was nice to receive something for all my effort. Because of a condition I have I can't guarantee to be able to race on a particular day so it makes it difficult to sign up for races a long way in advance. This way I get to do the run whenever I
want in month.

Pleased with this!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

First really cold morning

I decided to do Haigh Woodlands Parkrun this morning but alas, it was cancelled due to ice on the course. It was a beautiful morning too, the first really cold one (-4C) and I love running on mornings like this. So I went home and did a timed 5k on my usual route. I managed for me what is a good time now, the best for a long while. 30 secs. faster than New Year's Day. Maybe I can improve on it even moreduring the year. You can see the route here:

Same route and a bit like this morning but it was much more sunny.
I've also entered January's virtual race with Virtua Race. So I sent off this morning's time for the medal. Also, I sent the time to Virtual Running Uk as I signed up with them too; but not for a medal.

And I'm signed up with POW Virtual Running for their February race - The Kryptonite Challenge.

Oh, and I also signed up with Strava for a 10k challenge this month. Almost forgot!

The thing is, I need to see something for my running. Prove myself a bit. And especially that my age isn't getting it's deathly grip around me all that easily.

running apps

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Oh, oh!

One of the good things I found about not pushing myself too hard was that I hardly ever, if at all, took an injury, never strained anything. I could do much more the same day, not feeling exhausted and the next day felt better.

Last night at the base of my arthritic big toe I felt pain as I walked. It's with me this morning. The result of pushing myself too hard this week. I'm hoping that it will have recovered by Monday morning so I can do a slow run and keep to schedule.

Lesson - never, Never, NEVER overextend!

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Marker

My route this morning is here:

running apps
I'm trying to make my running much more for the enjoyment and health benefit than as an exercise in trying to do personal bests here and there. I've pushed my physical boundaries enough in the past and
lived permanently injured and exhausted. So I'm saying goodbye to all of that.

This week I've been testing out my 5k time and I'm feeling it now. So next week's runs will be slower as I recover and maybe do the new Haigh Woodland Parkrun next Saturday.

And I want to complete a Strava challenge of a 10k run in January, a distance I haven't run for quite a while. So here goes........

A New Year - A New Life

I've come back after a long break away. Last year was a difficult year because I retired in 2014 and the whole of 2015 was taken up with letting go 99% of the work I'd been doing for over 20 years; living with the job 24/7/365. Add to that moving house and getting accustomed to new even if familiar surroundings. It was on late on in 2015 that I really began to get used to it.

Now I'm building a different life. Some of the elements of the old one are still there but the shift has been massive. I'm enjoying it now though and can devote my time to more of the things I used to do as spare time activities and to putting more into the bits of  'work' that I'm called on to do for colleagues at the various churches round about.

I'm still running and I'm going to devote most of this part of this blog site to what's developing in my running. If anybody's interested in the coaching pages, get to them and get in touch with me if you wish. I'm still available for coaching.

So here we go. The first day of 2016. Bring it on!

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