Monday, 10 November 2014

Trying Different Things. Need to Decide

Since September I've been in a sort of limbo; retired yet still living in my former place of work. It's quite confusing. I'm privileged now to be able to take as much rest as I like; but the downside of that is the feeling of being idle most of the time after having every day almost filled with stuff to do.The only constant thing has been keeping on running. But even in that I'm unsettled. Road or trail? Or a mix of both? Short distances or long distances? Speed or endurance? Day or night?

My interest in doing a run at night was sparked when I found the Petzl Night Runner Series on the internet. So I signed up for the Delamere Forest run on the 13th December. That meant I needed a head torch and the family bought me one as a retirement present. But then I needed to try out the head torch under race conditions. I'd seen The Endurance Store a sponsor of the Petzl Night Runner series on the internet before and it so happens it's only about 4 miles away from my home. During the winter months they hold a Tuesday night 'Bat Run' series of trail runs starting and finishing at the shop. This surely was an opportunity.

I looked up results of the previous runs and comparing my times on local routes with those of runners on previous runs, I could see that if I took part I'd probably be dead last. I grabbed my courage in both hands and decided to have a go. I was dead last! But not embarrassingly so. I'd done some of that night's route in the past, the bit up to Ashurst Beacon. I'd forgotten how long and steep the road was in that part of the course and used up most of my energy there. But it was fun. Here's the route:

The runs are held on a time trial basis and are run every Tuesday night. So I can have a go at any time. I guess I'll always be last as I seem to be much older than the rest of the bunch for one thing. If I can come to terms with the ignominy of always being last then it really will be fun. But there's a problem.

The problem is that I really do want to run a half marathon. And so I've signed up for a new training plan on Endomondo. For four of the first five weeks there's a 9 mile long run to help get used to running more weekly miles. I can't do those if I punish myself on a Tuesday night in the Bat Run league. So what do I do?

I think I'll stick to the training plan and when I've finished with the regular 9 mile runs I'll do the Bat Run a couple more times. We'll see. Whatever. I need to make the decision and then stick to it. I don't like running on the roads, with traffic flying past me belching out choking fumes. I much prefer the trails. But trails take much more out of me and I like to run longer rather than shorter. So it's all a bit of a dilemma. That I turn out at all is the main thing though. I just need to decide firmly to have the half marathon as a longer term goal with the odd diversion into the Bat Run.

Although all hadn't returned by the time I took this photo, I took the longest at 55;57. Proud though!

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