Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lancaster Castle.......10K!

Well, I've been struggling since June. I think the Hawkeshead 10k did for me, because I haven't been the same since. That and my training for the Lancaster Castle Half Marathon. I think I overdid it in the racing and the training and it really knocked me back; so much so that I haven't repeated the mileage I was doing before June 18th. So to cut a long story short, a couple of weeks ago, when I finished work for retirement, I decided to transfer my Half Marathon Entry to the 10k. Sounds like a bit of a defeat but it isn't really. It's about knowing and understanding where you are and what you can achieve and making the most of that. A half marathon isn't out of the question at some time in the future and I'll gradually work towards some longer distances, maybe an extra mile a month over the winter and see what's on offer next year.

So back to today. It was a lovely morning, blue sky, sunny and warm out of the shade. There wasn't a huge number of people running which made it far less crowded at the start and on the route. I kept up a 10.30 pace on average and finished in the time I'd hoped; 1 hour 5 minutes. If it hadn't been for the killer hill at the end, into the castle I'm sure my time would have been a minute or two faster. But that doesn't matter at all. So here's the route and some photos.

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Ready for the Off
At the Starting Line
At the Top of the Hill coming into the Castle
Almost there!
And a Finishers Medal to prove it

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