Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Stage 9 Rethink

After trying to do the long and short run first I felt really wiped out so decided to abandon stage 9 until after my holiday and then to rethink it. It's obvious that a rest day either side of the long run is sensible with perhaps the short run between the long run and the tempo/ladder etc. runs. So, having got back from holiday last Saturday, on Sunday, still being off work I did Run 10 jog 2 Run 15 walk 3 Run 10 jog 2. It was hard mainly because I didn't get much sleep on holiday and certainly didn't sleep at all well on Saturday night. So I started tired. Here's the run:
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This morning I did the second Run/Jog - Run 20 jog 2 Run 10 jog 2 Run 5 jog 2. Again it was hard even though I'd had a day off in between. When I started out I felt stiff and wooden but eventually got going. Here's the run:

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So, these runs are really pushing me. I'll see how I get on with the rest of the stage and then I'll have a proper rest week next week before Stage 10. My hips are a bit painful today after this morning's run, my right one especially. It's not bad but it's an effect I've not experienced before. So let's look, listen and learn.

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