Monday, 5 May 2014

Stage 9 Day 1 - Run 45

May Bank Holiday Monday and the third week of my half marathon training plan. A lovely morning so off I go. I decided to do the key stage in stage 9 of my plan today for 7 points and work down from that during the week instead of up to that. So it's a 45 minute run today, which means piling it on for 45 mins after I spend 5 minutes warming up jog and then slowing down for any remaining time after the 45 mins. I ran my best pace for distance. 6 miles in slightly over 60 minutes. Still not the 55 minutes I achieved for 10k in the Great Manchester Run in 2005 but then I'm a bit older aren't I? Also, my run this morning included trail as well as road which usually means a slower pace for me and a pretty long uphill stretch from Crooke to Shevington, longer than I did in my last two runs. On my way up to Shevington suddenly I found myself imagining a pacer just in front of me, which was me as I was in that GMR years ago. Weird but effective! Over all, quite an achievement. Stiff legs will be the penalty I think.

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