Saturday, 24 May 2014

Stage 9 Completed

Out at 6.30 and a lovely morning contrary to the forecast. I think it was just a window in the weather. My final day on Stage 9 and the long run - 45 minutes to run. I followed the route I took last Bank Holiday Monday at the beginning of the month. On that occasion it was at the beginning of the week after a couple of days rest. This time it was at the end of the week and weighing 4 pounds heavier than I was three weeks ago, due to being away on holiday; and my decision to finish with 'dieting'. Towards the end of the run I could see that I was just ahead of my previous time so kept it going as best I could. Eventually I finished a few seconds ahead. All in all it was an improvement because last time I abandoned the stage but this week I've completed it. The stages aren't easy so I've decided to think more about how I tackle them, what order to take the days in for example and to have a 'recovery week' in between each stage with shorter, slower pace runs and a distance run. But all in all I'm pleased with the three stages I've completed now. There's 9 more to go before the event. I'm looking forward to getting fitter and maybe a bit faster at the same time. If I can complete the half marathon in 2.15 I'll be very happy indeed. And that means an average pace of 10.20. Well, we'll see. Here's today's run

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