Saturday, 9 November 2013

Life Lessons from Running 3

'You never know how far you can go unless you are willing to go too far'. You'll see that quote in the header to this blog. Last Thursday I ran 7 miles. It's the longest continuous run I've ever done. I think I could have gone further too if I'd tried.

I ran along with the complaints my body was making which weren't too bad. I just thought more about my running form as and when the complaints arose and it generally took care of them. When I turned for home though that's when I began to feel it most.

I was very proud of myself and have been ever since. I expect I won't run as far as that again for a while. I want to concentrate on building myself up with shorter runs, tempo runs etc. and concentrating on practising better form.

But it's true that you 'don't know until you are willing to try'. All along I was thinking too, 'what could I do if I had no fear?' Now there's a question!

Here's where I ran:

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