Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Night Run

I did a night run tonight. And it was the first of a training plan to take me to 5 miles in quite a few weeks time i.e. by next March I think. Anyway, the run went well. I tried Chi running form focuses on my lower body and relaxing my hips and shoulders. My left hip still hurts a bit after about 25 minutes. I realised the other day that this probably stems from when I injured my foot and was limping for months. So I'll have to build up and straighten out my hip. My foot is now fine and in fact hurts less when I'm running than when I'm walking.

I enjoyed the run. It's here. Endomondo GPS is a bit short on the mileage calculation, about .2 or .3 of a mile so I have to edit it after each run. What I've recorded is more accurate and is measured on the Runkeeper and Daily Mile maps.

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