Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life Lessons from Running 2

There's sometimes an awful randomness about life. Yesterday morning I was up really early and went for a run. Almost home, I tripped over something and fell. I didn't really hurt myself, just grazed a knee. When I looked, I found that I'd tripped on a circular piece of wire about 18" in diameter. I must have trodden on it with my right foot and tripped on it with my left as I strode forwards. What was it in the fates that ordained that I should trip on something so randomly placed on a paved footpath over 3 miles into my 4 mile route? Had my pace been different or had I been a foot either side of the path I was taking I'd have missed it. So first of all there does seem to be an odd randomness about some of the things that come along.

Second, it was dark and maybe that's why I didn't see the wire. Or maybe it was because I'd decided to carry my spectacles in my jacket pocket rather than wear them. As I wasn't using my heart rate monitor I didn't have anything to look at (except my phone if I'd wanted to) so I'd decided not to wear them. Maybe that's why I didn't see the wire. Lesson number two from yesterday is that sometimes we make life difficult for ourselves. Running in the daylight wearing my specs would help me avoid such incidents.

Oddly though, after I'd fallen I found myself running better. I think that's because I was focussing more on my running form. Maybe sometimes it needs us to fall (or fail) and get up (and start again) before things improve.

Here's where I ran:

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