Monday, 21 October 2013

Getting Lost - Achieving More

I got lost yesterday and ended up running further again than I've done for years. 6.08 miles to be precise. Almost 10k.

I decided to run out into a bit of more local countryside adjacent to home, figuring it would be easy to get back onto one of my usual routes around Crooke. It would have been, had my map reading skills not deteriorated in the 50 years since I last used them. And I really ought NOT to trust my own in built sense of direction, because I have none. When I got lost, having followed my own in built sense of direction, I suddenly remembered that my run was being tracked by GPS. So looked at where I was on the map on my phone and in less than a couple of minutes I was back on the right road. We didn't have GPS 50 years ago when I learned to read a map.

The upshot of getting lost, as I said, was a greatly increased mileage. I was rather at my limit when I got back but I had no ill effects. My hip was quite ok, probably due to the increased range of motion climbing styles and running over rough ground in the wood and on the trails.

I'll do it again soon and clock what I'd wanted to do the first time. I ran in my road shoes but the paths I ran on were mainly dirt trails except for the beginning and very end so next time I'll try my trail shoes on it.

I really surprised myself that I was able to run that far without injury or lasting effect. I must be fitter than I think! :)

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