Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Darker Mornings

On Monday last I did what I call a training run, something straightforward, straight up, straight down. It's the first one detailed below. It was a dry morning, just come light. The longer nights now mean that if you have to be running before or after work, lots of your running is in the dark, which is an experience in itself.

This morning I ran to Crooke by the the canal and then back along the road. It's detailed second below. It was just hinting at coming light as I set out and it had been raining quite hard just before I started but had slackened off quite a lot. But it was very wet underfoot, nice for splashing in the puddles!

It was very gloomy by the canal, the water black and forbidding. Although I ran on the grassy parts of the towpath on the paved parts I tried to run at least a body length away from the canal. I didn't fancy swimming on such a morning! It was nice to follow the towpath trail when it became earth rather than block paving. Canal boats were moored at the side as I approached Crooke and a light on in one said at least that one was inhabited. I saw nobody at all on this length of the run.

I ran back through Crooke village and along the road. My left hip started to complain a bit on the uphill sections which it doesn't seem to do out on the countryside trails. Must try and discern what's going on there and give it a bit of exercise between runs to strengthen it.

It was nice and always is nice to run 'into the light'. Being rainy though, it was still a bit gloomy when I got back home. Endomondo GPS said I'd done 3.76 miles but plotting it on the map turns out to be 3.91. Nearly 4 anyway which in 49 minutes was a PB. Not that I'm that much bothered about PBs except they give me an idea that I'm getting fitter.

Here's the details of both of the runs:

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