Saturday, 28 September 2013

Parbold Hill Widdershins

A beautiful sunny autumn morning and I decided to just go with it, enjoying the fresh air and the morning. There's one or two photos here and my log from Endomondo. I found the route much more easily because I'd done some homework checking the route out on Google maps alongside the footpath as its marked on the OS map. You can tell how out of date the OS maps are as you can see on Google maps how trees have grown, houses have been built and paths have been diverted either officially or unofficially.

Here's the route and details of my 'performance'. Oh, and if you were wondering what 'widdershins' means, it's an 'old religion' word for anti-clockwise', which indicates less than a source of blessing, if you see what I mean. Next time I'll do it clockwise!
And some photos:
Boars Den Tumulus

All is safely gathered in

High Moor

Autumn Skyline

View over the Lancashire Plain

Parbold Church and Ashurst's Beacon

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