Monday, 27 May 2013

Off we go Again

I've been sort of started on new diet and exercise regime seriously for the last three weeks. Really just working up to where I am now. I've invested in a set of Withings Body Scan scales and I'm waiting for a Fitbit tracker which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow. I've signed up with Runkeeper too which integrates with MyFitness Pal and the Withings Scale. So I can monitor just about every calorie taken in and worked off.

Over the past week I've worked off 5lbs. which is good going but I'm now settling into a more modest rate of weight loss. I'll be happy with a pound a week which is my goal. So I'll reach 13 stones by the beginning of August. My long term goal is 11st. 7lb. by Jan 1st 2014.

Nothing like a worthwhile challenge!

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