Saturday, 12 January 2013

Starting Again - Again

I haven't run or done any exercise at all for coming up to 4 months now because my foot just 'went'. Having to be on it way too much after the injury made it a lot worse. It was getting better but last night it just 'went' again. So, I've put new ordinary peddles on my bike so that I can just sit on it and ride. Other than a pair of bicycle clips to keep my trouser legs out of the chain and my hard hat on I don't need any other special gear.

I'm missing the exercise and the fresh air so badly. Maybe it's not the best time to start cycling again with snow forecast for early next week but, so what, I have to start somewhere some time. It's driving me nuts being so sedentary.

I went to the doc's with my foot, much good that was. So I'm still hobbling walking Alfie, who we've got back at the mo and just getting around. But at least I can push my bike peddles without much pain at all. So it'll be around the block for a couple of weeks to get the feel of it in my body, head and heart before I venture further or begin to push myself to get a bit of this weight off that I've acquired in my forced idleness.

So, here we go.........

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