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'If you wish to drown, do not torture yourself with shallow water' (Bulgarian Proverb)
'The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation' (Thoreau)
'To live according to (my) rational nature and not like a stray dog' (Thomas Merton - The Seven Storey Mountain)
'Take a look at life as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act'. (Werner Erhard)
'You'll never know how far you can go unless you are willing to go too far' (Steve Chandler - Fearless)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bike Ride

Been for my first bike ride for over 12 months - 'Round the Block'. Very short, but that was the idea. I need to simply get a feel for the bike again first of all over the first couple of weeks or so. The weather's not all that good at present so if I'm looking for dry days I'll have to go when I can. Just looking out of the window it's beginning to snow, very lightly. Minimum preparation time is the order of the day. Bike clips and helmet on and GO!

Anyway, I've got over the threshold on this day 2

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