Saturday, 22 September 2012

Winter Draw(ers) On!

This Morning - Misty and Frosty  
I'm doing quite well at present. I've managed to keep getting out for a run 3 or 4 times a week. I'm doing intervals of walking and running over a 5k distance now. Week by week I'll gradually build up the running time so that by Christmas I'm expecting to be running the whole 5k. That's the intention anyway. And as I've said before - nice and easy does it.

I'm really learning to listen to my body now, especially my legs. I'm not running injured like I used to in the past. I just get tired and creaky if I do too much. So, I might have a couple of days off when that happens and I can guarantee that I feel so much better and stronger after the rest.

It's getting quite cold now that it's officially autumn as of today (I think). This morning was cold, frosty and misty and by the time I got home my legs were glowing. So it'll be on with the tights before too long. (Winter draw(ers) on as they say!) It's a far cry from a couple of weeks ago when I was running in the heat in Corfu. It was hot even at 7.30 in the morning there and because it was warm I was tempted to run too far. I did over 6k one day, which was a mistake really but I recovered ok.

So, it's back now to the increasingly dark mornings and colder weather. But it will be worth it by the time the days start getting longer. By then I'm hoping to be heading out towards 10k. Until then, on we go.......

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

And Start Again

I ditched the Ease into 5k app because it was pushing me too far too fast. So, I devised a plan of my own similar to what I used to do a few years ago - running with walk breaks and I'm following that, making very small increments of increased running time as the weeks go by. I put it on Walkmeter on my phone which I've used for quite a while anyway. I didn't know I could devise my own plans on it until I really looked.

I'm also trying to use the Chi Running form and as I'm getting used to it and using my own plan I really feel like I'm making progress. The stiffness I was getting in my calves is much reduced and I only begin to feel it a bit after about 3k but thanks to Chi Running form focusses I can adjust my running to ease the stiffness. And shin splints are very much 'of the past' now. Yippee!!

It's taking me longer than I'd anticipated to really get back into things, but patience is a virtue they say and I'm sure it will be rewarded. It only takes a few metres of over doing it and I'm back to square one. I think I've learned my lesson. Pity it's been the hard way!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Anything wrong with your diet?

I got the inspiration for the walk to Mordor from the Nerdfitness website which is a very entertaining read in itself even if you don't feel inclined to do much for yourself in the way of fitness.

Within the site is a lead to the Paleo Diet which you can find and follow for yourself. Within that part of the site I found this VIDEO which is is worth reading for the dietary challenge and claims the person makes who is in fact a scientist and doctor. It makes interesting viewing!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Walking to Mordor!

Well there's a challenge! It's 1,779 miles from Bag End to Mordor, and I've signed up to the challenge. I started a couple of days ago. It's probably going to take me a couple of years. To begin with I'm walking the section from Bag End to Rivendell, which is 458 miles. The whole way to Mordor is the long term challenge.

I've given myself a challenge for the month of August too, to walk/run 100 miles and I've got one or two joining in with me. If you fancy coming along on one or both of those challenges, just sign up with DailyMile

Now you might think I've back tracked a bit on what I said about getting back into running without having any specific goals. Well, what I've signed up to is a bit of fun more than anything else. Just something out there to keep in mind when I wake up each morning. It's something to help get me out of bed and on the road. It's more engaging to have something to walk or run towards than doing what seems like running round in circles day after day like a hamster in a cage. So, I'll see how I get on.

I've done 4 weeks now with EASE INTO 5K app and I feel I'm doing well. I've got through that first half without any injury. On the 'rest days' from running I'm walking; but I'm having at least one 'proper' complete rest day a week. And each running session I'm extending to 5k by walking (mostly) the remainder of the distance after the workout is complete, so that I can get used to the distance as I run into it over this and the following 3 weeks with the app.

So, that's all I'm saying about the framework for my walking/running/getting back on the road again over the next month. If I say too much, as I have in the past, I know it'll all fold up and me under it. I don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past, that's for sure.

Oh, and surely there can't be anybody who doesn't know that Bag End to Mordor is the journey Frodo and Sam take in The Lord of the Rings.........???

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Here we go!

I weighed myself yesterday and it looks like I've dropped 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks which is good average going. I'm trying not to do too much too soon. Maybe this morning I did overdo it a bit. I ended up walking half an hour further than I'd intended as some shady character was lurking in a lane I walked along. I'd wanted to turn around further up the road but didn't like the idea of walking past the bloke again so I just carried on. It meant that I had to keep going far longer than I'd planned. My body here and there on getting back was complaining a bit. So, maybe a couple of days rest now before I get on with Week 4 Day 1 of Ease into 5k.

It's a lovely sunny summer morning today - at last!!! Don't know now long it will last but at least we can enjoy it while it's here. Seeing the shafts of sunlight slanting through the trees in the early morning this morning was a real tonic. Such a beautiful sight.

I've discovered some 'barefoot' shoes advertised on Barefoot Angie Bee's blog - Leming shoes. They look really stylish casual, much nicer in looks than most of the similar shoes I've seen. And they look as though they'll do the minimalist walking/running job well too. Might invest!

Very encouraging to have lost a few pounds. Looking forward to being as slim as I was 5 years ago.

Friday, 13 July 2012

A Squeaky Shoe

Well, here I am again after a long lay off. You'll notice in the twitter link on the right that a couple of weeks ago I began Ease into 5K. This is the update of C25k.

At long last I've got myself over the doorstep again; and I'm hoping that this time I can continue day by day to get to some level of fitness, without any sort of time scale and with the goal of simply getting into 34" waist trousers again. The only real goal is the daily goal of completing a walk or Ease into 5K or to take a rest day. And I'm pushing myself no further than that; unlike in the past when I've pushed myself over into pain and suffering. It's that that kept knocking me back more than anything, simply pushing myself too far. So this will be very much an Ease(y) into 5K.

In the pursuit of flat shoes that have some real style (the Vivobarefoot Ra are ok but not all that stylish) and are flat, I found Base London shoes which, in shoes to wear with a suit and that have some style, are about as flat as you can get. They are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever had and so all the shoes I wear now are flat and the next thing to walking barefoot. This has really helped my feet and legs recover properly from previous injury, although there's some injury there in my left foot which I think is about as good as it's going to get. So I'm getting into the (almost) barefoot running form, as it were, from scratch.

One of my Base London shoes, the left one, developed a squeak. I looked on the internet for remedies. What worked though was what was suggested by a member of my congregation - olive oil. Left to soak in overnight, it worked a treat and now I can walk normally again without the squeak announcing my arrival.

So I'm looking no further forward than each day's walk or run or rest, making the journey the important thing rather than the goal.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Give the C of E its Archbishop Back

You could almost hear the sigh of relief from here, 200 miles away!

The reality is that the job of Archbishop of Canterbury has become just about impossible now, certainly in terms of what's known as the Anglican Communion. And it's simply because it's hardly a 'communion' at all now.

The Anglican Covenant, which, it seems to me, is meant to be a framework within which the different parts of the  Communion can live and relate to one another, is a non-starter because opinions are too widely divided. You can't be further apart than 180 degrees and that's what the liberals and the traditionalists are.

I have to say that I would put the blame fairly and squarely upon what, for the sake of it's own definition, now styles itself TEC - THE Episcopal Church (once the Episcopal Church of the United States of America ECUSA) It's called itself TEC to distinguish itself from those parishes and dioceses who, out of disgust and disdain have separated from it, some of whom, I believe are now joining together as ACNA (Anglican Church in North America). It's that part of the Episcopal Church in America that agrees to toe the line and then does the complete opposite of what everybody agrees to. They agreed not to consecrate gay men as bishops, so that the conversation and discussion could proceed on an equal basis, and then right away consecrated Gene Robinson, an openly gay man in the face of what had been agreed. How can you work with people like that? Consequently, the traditionalists are separating themselves from that part of the Church. For my money, when a church decides to do something unilaterally it steps beyond the boundaries of the Church (capital C) In other words it takes itself out of communion.

That, as far as I can see it, is the 'common sense' and the theology that holds the Orthodox Church together. Every part of the Orthodox Church realises that if they do things without reference to and the agreement of the rest of the Church, they take themselves outside the Church and out of communion. By their actions, they place themselves outside the Body of Christ. The people of the Orthodox Church argue mightily about who has jurisdiction over whom and all sorts of other things. They have the same debates and discussions about all the issues we do in the 'west'. But what is commonly held in theology and practice only changes for any part of the Church, when the whole Church agrees it should change. For any one part of the church to act unilaterally puts them outside the Church and so out of communion. Differences are held within that sense of the definition of catholicity which is 'what has been generally agreed always, everywhere and by all' (St. Vincent of Lerins)

It's part of the job of the Archbishop of Canterbury to shepherd the Anglican Communion and to keep it all together, in communion. The Anglican Covenant is a piece of paper for all parties to sign up to, agreeing to toe the line. But it really is trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. TEC, by its action up to now, makes the Covenant immediately not viable, simply because they can't be trusted.

The Anglican Communion has had its day and you can thank the selfish liberals in the USA for that. It's time to close the door on the Anglican Communion and give back to the Church of England its Archbishop. It's the only way a future Archbishop of Canterbury will be able to stay sane!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I told you so

Recent news from Vivobarefoot:

The link to the study is here. It makes very interesting reading. Didn't I tell you??

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year - Restart, Reboot

I was out for a walk at 6.45 this morning. The accompanying photo shows why. Well, that's only one reason. The last 3 months in pain, first from foot then from chest, has left me feeling depleted in more ways than one, and getting out at least for a 30 minute walk 3 or 4 times a week will get things that should be moving, moving again. At least I'm not quite as weighty as this time last year.

But the experience of the last 12 months has made me think.

I've decided not to have any goals. Every time I set myself goals I fail. Well, almost always. Or, I'm like an elastic band. I get where I'm going then spring back very quickly. I think the technical term is 'hysteresis'. It's true that for very action there's an equal and opposite reaction. To every push there's a push back. So, no goals, long term, medium term, or short term. Instead, just a few principles or guidelines to get me through each day as it comes. If those principles or guidelines bear fruit then so much the better.

It's like you have to take whatever goals you make, by stealth. Don't tell anybody, don't announce to the world that you are on a mission. Just get on with it, quietly, a day at a time.

So, I've set things back to zero (you can see that in the side-bar) and I've started again. This time I'll be like a recovering alcoholic or gambler and take it a day at a time. You could say that this year is 'From Fat to Fit in As Long As It Takes.' We'll see how that works.

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