Monday, 26 December 2011

What comes around goes around - Groundhog Day

Three and a half months ago I stopped running because I hurt my foot. Three weeks ago, I was just about to get out on the road again running, when I fell and hurt my chest badly. The pain has been awful, it still hurts but it's just begun to get better. So today I've been for a walk. I did just over a mile and a half.

I must get going again. 3 months of forced idleness and I've put lots of weight on again. I haven't weighed myself. I don't need to. Well, I don't want to. But it's almost 12 months since I started this blog and I'm back at square one. Again, I need to get from fat to fit. Seems a bit like Groundhog Day.

I can't do much at present, I'm too tired. So I'm starting small and not giving myself any sort of programme. I'm just going to do what I can.

I'll be using Walkmeter to begin with. Maybe a couple of months of walking before I can start to run, maybe three. We'll see. So here goes...........

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