Monday, 3 October 2011

Now I've Tried Everything -- 11 days to go

St. Winefride's Well
Last Saturday I paid a visit to St. Winefride's well at Holywell in North Wales. There I dipped my left foot in the healing waters and prayed to St. Winefride for her intercession on behalf of my foot. I'm not sure yet if the spiritual wi-fi was connected but I'm waiting in faith and hope.

Well, I've tried everything else as I said before and nothing seems to have worked to remove the pain completely. It comes and goes whether I run or not. So I ran again yesterday; a little further this time. My foot was good and I felt like I could have run for miles. Perhaps that's the lesson in all this - quitting while the going is good, which I've never really been able to do. I'll be out tomorrow morning too, in the dark now to begin with but in good Biblical and Christian fashion it's good to be running from darkness to light.

St. Winefride
I'm busted as far as my goal is concerned. I know without weighing myself that I've put on a bit of weight again. That's because of the lack of miles. But I might be getting a road bike very soon, which will give me an alternative calorie burning factory and take some of the strain off my foot. So maybe by Christmas I can meet my weight and fitness target. Better late than never!

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