Saturday, 22 October 2011

Forty Weeks plus One + 1 day

Well, I finished the Forty Weeks. The deadline came at me at some speed knowing that I wouldn't reach my weight goal. What put paid to it really was my damaged foot. I did weigh myself on my final day and came in at 12stone 4lbs. It's a stone lighter than when I started so I was happy with that at least. And now I'm a week and one day past the deadline and still putting on a bit of weight. I don't need to weigh myself, I can tell. The reason being - inactivity!!!!

So that was it....!
I trawled the internet for my foot pain symptoms and came to the conclusion that it isn't arthritis after all, but more likely a metatarsal stress fracture. Why it's happened I don't really know, except that maybe I simply overdid it as is my wont. So for the last 19 days now I haven't been running. I'm giving the foot a rest. The symptoms have diminished more over the last week so I'll give it another 3 or 4 weeks more to recover. And then I'll start over yet again, right at the beginning of c25k............

With a little help from Mother Nature and my.......... shoes
What I'm sure is helping my recovery is spending as much time as possible in bare feet, (the way nature intended them to be) at least while I'm at home. Also, I bought a pair of Vivobarefoot Ra shoes which are the everyday stylish version of the Neo running shoes, so I can wear them out and about. I spent a long time in them yesterday while shopping. The soles of my feet were burning when I got home but today I have no aches or pain to speak of in my foot at all. I just get twinges now and then so on the whole I think it's on the mend nicely now.

So what do I do now?
To fill in the gap, a couple of days ago I bought a second hand but in really good condition, road bike. I've been out on it today, just for a try-out. I haven't been on a bike for a good number of years, so I soon felt the difference - muscles and body posture not normally used! I was only on it 20 minutes but it was enough. I'm 62 years old as well remember. It's when you do something like that that you realise what the years have done to you! So anyway, I can do the calorie burning using that sort of exercise and who knows, by Christmas I might be under 12 stones after all. I hope so.

'Never, never, never give in'. (Winston Churchill by all accounts)
Even though I've passed the original target date now, well past, I'll keep going with this blog as best I can making notes about my progress. I hope it will be of interest.

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