Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weigh - Hey! 20 days to target

Weighed myself this morning at my regular weighing time i.e. straight out of bed. 12 stones! Which means that I haven't lost any weight over the last month but neither have I put any on and that's despite the lack of running over the last 3 weeks so I must be keeping within limits with my eating.

So I'm pleased about that. No running today. My foot is getting better thanks to the rest and going barefoot around the house for the last couple of days and wearing shoes with no heel lift and plenty of room when I'm outside.

Theoretically I could reach my target in the 20 days left but it's a big ask. Revised target - 11st. 10lbs. which will put me definitely under 12 which is where I've wanted to be for a very long time. And 10k by Christmas?? mmm.

So, here goes!

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