Friday, 23 September 2011

Ooops! - only 21 days to go

Been away on holiday for two weeks. Back last Friday but only just got round to doing this. I don't know what my weight is. Weigh-in tomorrow. I suspect I've put on a couple of pounds. We went to Greece - Skiathos and Skopelos. The temperature was in the 30's every day and sunshine all day every day. Hot, even there, for the time of year. So I only ran twice while I was away. I couldn't get used to the heat for the first week and felt too tired to run the second week.

My first day back I ran, in our refreshing damp and cold weather. But it only stays refreshing for a while and today, I seem to have a cold. I've run 3 times this week and then a pain shot in my left foot after the first 2k on the third day. While I was away, the arthritis in that foot seemed to extend. Or at least, some other sort of inflammation. I think it was due to just doing a lot of standing around. It didn't bother me on my first two runs this week and I can't understand why the pain should have come when it did. But it did. Maybe I tried to do too much too soon. It's probably the most common cause of injury.

Anyway, now I'm nursing a hurting foot and goodness knows when I'll be able to run again. I'm taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories and massaging it with olive oil and lavender. It'll get better, but it's a bit frustrating to say the least.

With all this, it looks like I'll miss my target of eleven and a half stones by the end of week 40. I'm not too worried because I've learned a lot and I think I'm going to put together some basic principles of dieting and exercise, especially for the more mature in years. If I have to extend the target date by another month, well that's not so bad is it?

Just 3 weeks to go now. January, when I started seems an age away. Can't believe it's nearly time up.

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