Thursday, 1 September 2011

Learning my Limits - 43 days left

I decided to run 6.5k today, continuously. It's my furthest continuous run, not counting warm up and cool down time.

It was a nice morning, cool with some sun and a very light breeze. Perfect. And I enjoyed it. I was hoping my two days rest had paid dividends. And they had. The rest days got me to 5k and then the pain in my left hip which I'd experienced on Monday after 3k, began. It stayed with me for the rest of the way but reached a sort of bearable maximum level. Also, my abdominal muscles began to get a few twinges and one or two in my right anxle after 6k.

So, I discovered my limits this morning. It's that time when the body says 'I've really had enough, thank you; no matter what your heart and mind are saying'.

A big part of this journey to wellness is respecting my body's indications to me that either things are going good or not so good and taking the appropriate action.

I can run 5k now without and trouble. I think from now onward I'm going to have to increase my distances by no more than the regulatory 10% per week or even longer.

My c25k app told me I'd run 6.6k but dailymile said I ran 7.4k. Whatever. I enjoyed it and I feel ok! The pains disappeared as soon as I stopped which says to me that there's no damage as such, it's maybe just excessive stress on ageing bones!

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