Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just Keep on Going - 15 days left

Well, after resting my foot for over a week; after taking anti-inflamatories and pain killers and massaging it, none of which seemed to make much difference, I decided that if my foot was going to hurt anyway, I might as well run.

In actual fact, it hurts most when I'm sitting down or standing and hurts least when I'm walking and running. So that's a good excuse to keep moving on it. Some days there is no pain. Some days lots. And it seems to move about; sometimes in my toes, sometimes in my metatarsals. I've noticed that arthritis seems to be like that. The pain comes and goes in its own time at its own pace. Well, with me anyway; and really, the weather doesn't make much difference in my case as I know it seems to with others.

So, I did a 2.6k this morning; 26 mins, most of which was pain free as it happens, just a twinge or two as I neared home. Then when I got in the house and took off my shoes and sat down, that's when I felt it.

I'm still convinced that my minimalist shoes are the best for me and haven't contributed to the pain. The pain I got on holiday in my foot developed when I was wearing a pair of sandals and I had no pain at all on the two occasions I ran on holiday. And in fact, the only pair of shoes I can wear which doesn't seem to exacerbate the pain are my Vivobarefoot Neo's. And I walk about barefoot in the house almost all the time.

The upshot is that because of the condition of my foot now, I've had to cut my distance to less than half. I don't think I'll ever run a marathon now. I might not even run 10k again. All I can do is just keep going, running short distances regularly and see how things develop. All goals have gone out the window except the goal of 'keep on going'.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weigh - Hey! 20 days to target

Weighed myself this morning at my regular weighing time i.e. straight out of bed. 12 stones! Which means that I haven't lost any weight over the last month but neither have I put any on and that's despite the lack of running over the last 3 weeks so I must be keeping within limits with my eating.

So I'm pleased about that. No running today. My foot is getting better thanks to the rest and going barefoot around the house for the last couple of days and wearing shoes with no heel lift and plenty of room when I'm outside.

Theoretically I could reach my target in the 20 days left but it's a big ask. Revised target - 11st. 10lbs. which will put me definitely under 12 which is where I've wanted to be for a very long time. And 10k by Christmas?? mmm.

So, here goes!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Ooops! - only 21 days to go

Been away on holiday for two weeks. Back last Friday but only just got round to doing this. I don't know what my weight is. Weigh-in tomorrow. I suspect I've put on a couple of pounds. We went to Greece - Skiathos and Skopelos. The temperature was in the 30's every day and sunshine all day every day. Hot, even there, for the time of year. So I only ran twice while I was away. I couldn't get used to the heat for the first week and felt too tired to run the second week.

My first day back I ran, in our refreshing damp and cold weather. But it only stays refreshing for a while and today, I seem to have a cold. I've run 3 times this week and then a pain shot in my left foot after the first 2k on the third day. While I was away, the arthritis in that foot seemed to extend. Or at least, some other sort of inflammation. I think it was due to just doing a lot of standing around. It didn't bother me on my first two runs this week and I can't understand why the pain should have come when it did. But it did. Maybe I tried to do too much too soon. It's probably the most common cause of injury.

Anyway, now I'm nursing a hurting foot and goodness knows when I'll be able to run again. I'm taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories and massaging it with olive oil and lavender. It'll get better, but it's a bit frustrating to say the least.

With all this, it looks like I'll miss my target of eleven and a half stones by the end of week 40. I'm not too worried because I've learned a lot and I think I'm going to put together some basic principles of dieting and exercise, especially for the more mature in years. If I have to extend the target date by another month, well that's not so bad is it?

Just 3 weeks to go now. January, when I started seems an age away. Can't believe it's nearly time up.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Learning my Limits - 43 days left

I decided to run 6.5k today, continuously. It's my furthest continuous run, not counting warm up and cool down time.

It was a nice morning, cool with some sun and a very light breeze. Perfect. And I enjoyed it. I was hoping my two days rest had paid dividends. And they had. The rest days got me to 5k and then the pain in my left hip which I'd experienced on Monday after 3k, began. It stayed with me for the rest of the way but reached a sort of bearable maximum level. Also, my abdominal muscles began to get a few twinges and one or two in my right anxle after 6k.

So, I discovered my limits this morning. It's that time when the body says 'I've really had enough, thank you; no matter what your heart and mind are saying'.

A big part of this journey to wellness is respecting my body's indications to me that either things are going good or not so good and taking the appropriate action.

I can run 5k now without and trouble. I think from now onward I'm going to have to increase my distances by no more than the regulatory 10% per week or even longer.

My c25k app told me I'd run 6.6k but dailymile said I ran 7.4k. Whatever. I enjoyed it and I feel ok! The pains disappeared as soon as I stopped which says to me that there's no damage as such, it's maybe just excessive stress on ageing bones!

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