Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You Really Gotta Read This!!! - 58 days left

Yes, you've really got to read this post!!! Well, no you don't have to. I was just trying to attract your attention. But now I've got it you might as well read on hadn't you?

I was out again this morning. I was a bit later. I'm getting to know the cars that pass me every morning now and some of them, that I see on mt way back, passsed me on the way out today . We are such creatures of habit. And habit can get in the way of development.

When I think I've got a good thing going, I find it difficult to do something different, even though I really know it would benefit me. I think running not quite as far and thinking more about form and building myself up would be better for me just now. But somehow, running not quite as far feels like it's not really helping me improve. Just something in the mind that I'm struggling with.

I realised this morning that I'm more comfortable running on a path with a slight camber from right to left. It seems to make up for the weakness in my left foot and whatever I'm doing 'wrong' with my right leg. When I understood that, I found that I could run a bit faster. Now I think about it, I used to run like that in my old motion control trainers. But in those I got far more pain and injury. So I'm still convinced about my Neo's.

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