Monday, 29 August 2011

WHEN will I Learn? - 46 days left

Today's a Bank Holiday, so there's me thinking 'a good day for a run', even though I ran yesterday, didn't feel particularly good after it and had a tiring day following it. I guess it was the feeling of free space in front of me for the day, without appointments or obligations that was the attraction. And so I ran. I was only going to make it a short run anyway, just 4k because at the back of my mind was the knowledge that today should be a rest day. But, that 'free space' was beckoning. So, I ran.

I decided to run some of my old route which I used to run all the time when I ran a few years ago. This was mistake number 2. It's a long slow incline for the first half, the opposite for most of the second half and then a shorter pull up and over and down back to home. Compared to the route I've been running recently it's quite boring and monotonous. I prefer more undulations now. This old route, because of the lack of variation, is more strain on the legs.

I was ok for the first half and just into the second, and then my left hip started to hurt. It was a pain I've never had before. I managed the 4k I'd planned but I could tell that this had been a mistake and I was glad to stop. It sort of recapped and brought home the lesson that it's best to 'listen' to what my body is saying and if there's the slightest hesitation, to err on the safer side and save my legs for another day.

Now I'm going to have to have 2 days off to make up for it. It's one of those paradoxes of life that good things can be bad for us when unwisely used. Exercise and food are good examples. I've been trying to control both for my benefit and the lessons are hard to learn.

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