Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Can Enthusiasm be Bad for You? - 52 days to go

"You can have all the heart in the world, but it doesn't mean anything unless you have the legs."
(Lance Armstrong in 'Lance Armstrong - Tour de Force' by Daniel Coyle - See in I Recommend in the side bar)

Walking's been a pain and getting downstairs a nightmare since my run last Friday, but today I began to get my legs back. On Sunday I wondered if I'd ever get them back, walking was so excruciating. Maybe tomorrow morning I might manage a mile or two but if not, definitely Thursday.

Friday's run was the best ever. I felt on top of the world, carried along by the whole experience, full of enthusiasm for what I was doing. So much so that I had little regard for what it was taking out of my body. I felt like I was 16 and forgot that I'm 61. And there's the rub. My enthusiasm carried me too far and I suffered. Thinking about those who go in for extreme sports of different kinds, sometimes their enthusiasm not only makes them suffer badly, but has been known to result in their death.

Part of the story of Pheidipides' iconic run from Athens to Marathon, that's conveniently forgotten, is that shortly afterwards he died of exhaustion.

Enthusiasm isn't a substitute for having the body, the ability and the wisdom that sees you through to your goal, or to the finishing line in good shape. You need to have the equipment and it needs to be in the best working order possible and you've got to be able to use it wisely. Enthusiasm can be the death of you when you aren't equipped to make best use of it.

So, with all the pain I've suffered over the last 3 days, was my long hard run on Friday worth it?

OF COURSE IT WAS!!!!! And I'd do it again. I know I probably will some time.

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