Thursday, 18 August 2011

What's so Good about Resting??!! - 57 days to the Day

Part of me hates these days between exercise, especially the perfectionist, workaholic part of me, which is practically the whole of me. The hardest lesson to learn about exercise is that the rest periods are the hours and days where all the good the exercise has done is 'banked'. Muscles heal and regenerate, glycogen stores stock up, minerals are replenished. BUT TRY TELLING YOUR EGO THAT!! I know all this but it's so hard just to 'down tools' and let be. And today's one of those days. It's sunny outside, a cool, clear morning and I just want to be on the road. But I was out yesterday and I want to be out tomorrow, so, I've got to get a grip......

Anyway, on Twitter I follow Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine and I found this earlier in one of his tweets: 'Your Competitive Advantage - Rest' I think it's a good article; a helpful reminder that rest is good for every aspect of your life. It reinforces that fact that rest is ESSENTIAL not only for our 'being', for our body, mind and spirit, but also for our 'doing', for all our activity especially that part that makes our living. And I like the way Darren suggests we build in the rest periods and make the most of them; which reminds me of something else that's been on my mind lately, the ways in which and the reasons why energy seems to leak away from me. But that's for another post.

Have a rest some time today!

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