Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Took a Risk

I took a risk this morning and ran again. It was a risk because I really need at least one day between runs. I wanted to get the final day of Week 8 done on c25k. I felt good and I ran 'the hill' right at the end of the run. (Thinks, I must put a photo of 'the hill' on this blog as I keep mentioning it in my twitter shares from the app.) Because of that it was a couple of hundred yards shorter run than yesterday. Running the hill stretched me nicely though. I've got a bit of stiffness in my right calf and left ankle this evening, but I'd scheduled a day off tomorrow anyway before I begin week 9. I expect to complete the week on Monday next which will be just a day over what I'd planned.

I've just about ditched my old running shoes now. I can't wear them anymore because they just feel too big and clumsy. It's good to feel the freedom that the minimalist shoes provide.

I'm looking at Luna Sandals too now, not for running in but for just walking about in as I'm finding it difficult now to walk about much in shoes with heels. And holiday in Greece is approaching and they'd be just the job! VERY expensive though because they are hand made in Seattle.

I've ended up with lots of calories spare this evening. Good!

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