Friday, 12 August 2011

Review and Reflection

JUST 9 WEEKS LEFT. 63 DAYS. 14th October is the final day! Exactly 9 weeks from today.

Today my right leg is aching a bit due to the long run yesterday. So I've decided that it was too much too soon and to rethink. I've decided that for the next 2 weeks I'll run just 30 minutes and concentrate on building up strength and correcting my running form. I've done very well so far. I finished c25k just a day behind schedule, but I pushed myself to do it; and now I'm in danger of pushing too far altogether. If I finish B210k by the end of the year I'll be happy. So there's no need to rush.

I'm going to do the exercises for strength and form from the book 'Natural Running' by Danny Abshire which I bought several weeks ago. It's a very detailed book but one which helps you understand much better how the whole body works in running and how and why injuries are caused. More importantly, it describes how to change your running style and form in a slow and progressive way that builds you up at the same time to create the best distance and speed. So I would be crazy to ignore such good advice.

Luna Sandals hasn't e-mailed me yet to say my order has been despatched. I'm going to phone on Monday if I don't hear anything today.

I weighed myself this morning and I've dropped a couple of pounds to 170lbs. (77kilos) So I'm on my way to my goal again. Thank goodness. I thought I was on that plateau for good. I want to lose another 6lbs. over the next 3 weeks which will take me to 11st. 10lbs. And by my birthday, hopefully, I'll have reached my weight goal of 11st. 7lbs. Really, I'd like to be 11st. 4lbs because I used to be at my best at that weight. So we'll see. But I'm happy that I'm on my way!

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