Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Rainy Start

It was warm and rainy this morning for my start on working up to 10k. I'm using b210k app on my iPhone now. I wandered all over the place trying to work out a route and it felt most unsatisfactory. I used to do ciricuits through the local park but I don't want to run in circles this time. So I'm going to have to work out a route that will build me up a bit more, something undulating with one or two short stiff hills if I can fit them in.

I'm feeling like I've been stretched this morning, which is good. I was out for an hour which is the longest I've been out running and there was about 45 minutes running in that, the rest walking. So, it feels good. The extra day rest yesterday was a wise move. I'm not sure how I'll feel on Saturday when I come to day two. I'll try and work out a proper route before that and it will make it feel better I'm sure.

A good start I think

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