Monday, 8 August 2011

On My Way to 10k

Well, I finished c25k this morning. I ran an extra 10 minutes to celebrate. I made the mistake of putting my rain jacket on because it was spitting when I opened the front door. There was no rain though so I ended up being hotter than I needed to be. Also I got a blister on a toe due to wet shoes from running on the grass verge. It's the first blister I've ever had running. So there must be a lesson in that.

I'm very pleased that I've completed 5k. A few months ago I thought I'd never do it again. Now, I can begin the journey to 10k. I'm already 2/3rds of the way there really. But I'm going to take my time. I need to think about my running form a bit more and take it more easily growing more and more accustomed to the minimalist shoes, which I'm enjoying running in very much.

It's strange how each day feels different to the last. I thought that I'd feel really good this morning but I was just ok. I didn't feel uncomfortable, but it surprised me that I didn't feel better. But the lesson there is that you never really know what you'll be like until you start to run and by the time 15 minutes or so has passed you pretty well know that how you feel is how you are going to feel for most of it.

Now, though, I'm on my way to 10k. It's 5 years since I ran that far - Great Manchester Run. I did it in 56 minutes. I wonder what my time will be 5 years older. I'm looking forward to finding out. I'm not really bothered what time it takes. The main thing is that I do it.

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