Saturday, 13 August 2011

Now I Can Bend Down! - 62 days to go

It's often what seem to be the more insignificant things that upset us or delight us the most I think. 6 months ago, when I started this journey I had difficulty bending down to cut my toe nails, simply because my belly got in the way. It left me puffing and panting and my back aching. Now - it's far easier. It's good to weigh yourself and see the needle on the bathroom scales (my scales are ancient) going backwards. But I get far more delight out of moving along a notch on my belt and looking in the mirror and seeing that my moobs are sticking out less under a t-shirt. Those things and being able to get into clothes I wore years ago when I was much slimmer, are far greater incentive to keeping going in the battle to lose weight. My belly's still quite a bit jelly and I've a way to go yet but I'M ON MY WAY!

I continued with c25k this morning just doing the 30 min. run that comes as an 'extra' to the 9 week programme. There are a couple of others - a 45 min. run and one that you design yourself. I actually did 35 mins. It was good and less of a strain than Thursday which had me out for an hour. But I felt the weakness in my left foot for the first time and the stiffness in my right leg. I'm sure if I keep just to the 30 min. workout and don't extend too much then I'll get through those things.

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