Monday, 1 August 2011

A New Week, a New Month

Vivobarefoot Neo
1st August, Lammas Day apparently. And I'm back on the road again after my stiff legs. I ran for 28 minutes in my Vivobarefoot Neo's; my minimalist road shoes. I think I'm completely transitioned to them now. My feet are a lot better in them than in my cushioned, motion control shoes. As long as I remember to 'run easy, run light' and to make the slight adjustments to form that I need to when I might feel a twinge of pain then I guess I'm there.

I'm still following the c25k app on my iPhone and this morning I completed Week 8 Day 2. So I'll have finished the progamme by early next week if all goes well. I can now run for 28 minutes without a walk break. When I complete the programme I might look to just building up on that for a month then see if I can extend further up to 10k by the end of the year. Got to have the goals! Only wouldn't it be better not to have the goals so I don't keep trying to do too much too soon? Why not just run, without any expectations other than to enjoy it?

Well, up to now it's just great to be back on the road and getting fit.

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