Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back Again, thank Goodness - 51 days and counting

Yes, I took the risk of running again this morning. I couldn't not. The weather was just right and my legs felt a lot better, just a few aches here and there but a lot better.

Of course, I was only going to do 20 mins. max. But I did 42 mins and took in two hills as well! So much for easing my way back in and taking care of my legs.

I could already feel the benefit of pushing myself last Friday. Amongst the aches I could feel, or below the aches and remaining stiffness I felt stronger. I think that's why I tackled the hills; one shorter hill on the way out and a longer one on the way in. It sort of proved the increasing strength.

So, all in all it was a good run this morning. Yes, when I got back I was aching rather more than if I'd given myself another day of recovery. But come on, the longer I stay inactive, the larger the belly gets. And that I cannot have again, no matter what the pain.

Just a note here though about when I'm talking about aches and stiffness. I have to say that I haven't had one pain that I can attribute to wearing minimalist running shoes. I certainly don't get shin splints anymore like I always had with my conventional trainers. The aches and pains I get are simply from pushing myself too far, which, incidentally, I do less of now because I'm wiser and also my minimalist shoes really won't let me. Honest.

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