Saturday, 6 August 2011

And more Progress - Mind beyond Matter

After Thursday's struggle and a rest yesterday, today was a different story. My body was more in tune with my mind and spirit today. So I extended my run by 5 mins. and the total distance I covered was 5.86K. I've gone metric by the way; I thought that if I'm thinking in terms of running 5 or 10k I might as well log the training in those units.

One small thing I discovered was that when I noticed stiffness or pain anywhere, and I'm only getting twinges as you'd expect to get, if I kept my mind on the pain it was worse than if I took my mind off it. So if I took my mind and thoughts out of my body, my body would feel easier and lighter.

Today's was the penultimate day of c25k. Last day next, which I'll run on Monday as tomorrow is a hard day at work. I'll try and finish with 'the hill.' That will be celebratory. I hope I'll be in good shape. I'll have finished just a day over time, which isn't at all bad going. I might take the rest of the week easier - MIGHT! Next stop though, 10k - before Christmas.

I ran in my Neo's without socks today. I little bit closer to the earth. I thought, what's the point of dirtying socks when I can just wash my feet and legs? It's a lot easier. And, my feet felt better, more in touch, more in tune with running. Strange isn't it? All my previous running has been spent padded and protected and I was missing so much. Ok, my running pace just now is a little slower, but then I'm new to minimalist shoes -  and some years older too.

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