Saturday, 5 February 2011

Renewed Enthusiasm - Day 29 (A Month Gone)

One month gone and towards the end of it, so went my enthusiasm. But today was a new day and I went for a walk/jog this morning! Well I’ve no excuse now because the weather’s warmed up. It was raining but who cares? It was nice to feel the rain on my face again. It brought back memories of former fit years.

I slowed down if I felt the slightest pain and never broke into a sweat. I walked and jogged less than half as fast and half as far as I could have done. So I enjoyed it.

I’ve decided to go with what my natural instincts tell me. I’ve been eating quite a lot of fruit this week because I felt that it was right to do it, a feeling and thought that came from ‘inside’. So I enjoyed doing that as well.

I decided too to keep the monastic fast days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in which I’ll eat fruit, soup and bread from waking until the evening meal time. I did that this week because it felt right from ‘inside’ to do it.

4 of my 40 weeks have gone and I suppose I should have a weigh in. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll leave it until the end of month 2. My start at all of this hasn’t been all that impressive. But I’m determined that I shall do it. The winter has been dark and cold and that’s made it more difficult to get going. But the days are lengthening and just now are warmer. And that helps!

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