Friday, 7 January 2011

The Start

Friday 7th January 2011 THE START.

I not only want to do this, I NEED to do this. I've watched myself grow fatter and fatter and felt myself get more and more unfit for the last 2 years. I've started lots of times to do something about it but on every occasion I've been thwarted. Within days of starting a diet or fitness regime recently I've either been ill or got injured and not only gone back to my previous level of unfitness, but got worse. I've had all sorts of good intentions but they've been a gold-paved road to hell, the hell being even more fat and unfit. So, I need to do this more by stealth than by outright goal setting, at least at first. The only goal is to get there by 14th October - 40 weeks from today. My resolution is to get slim and fit.

In the past I've lost weight and got fit. I've used all sorts of diets and done all sorts of exercises. My most successful time was just 10 years ago when I did the Food Combining diet and joined a gym. Right at this minute I'm not sure how I'll tackle this. It's got to be gradual and it's got to feel 'natural'. In other words, I've got to enjoy it and enjoy every minute. I'm 61 and life's too short now to be making myself miserable doing anything that's for my own good. No, it's got to be FUN! I'll be 62 just before I cross the finishing line and I want to be fitter and leaner at 62 than I am at 61.

I want this blog to be part of my motivation. I'm a trained coach so I know what to do and I've got to coach myself in this. For years I've been interested in and studied health and fitness and it's now a case of 'doctor, heal thyself'. I want to record my progress on this blog, not necessarily in any systematic way but regularly. I'll try to do it once a day, some time during the day but I'm not going to promise because I'm not exactly lazy but sometimes my emotional state gets the better of me and also I soon feel tired - a result of being fat and unfit more than anything else. Anyway, here's a few resolutions to begin with:
Me in my slimmer and fitter (and younger - 2006) days

(5 a week)
 This week I'll:
1 Get more sleep
2 Move quicker
3 If it's within 2 miles I'll walk
4 Eat salad every day
5 Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day, (not counting orange juice I buy in a carton)
And remember, it's got to be gradual, feel natural and be fun!

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