Monday, 10 January 2011

REMEMBERED the Salad! - Day 4

Well this is a long term project, so I'm allowed to forget a thing or two along the way and especially starting out! The rigorous discipline isn't etched into my psyche yet and if I have to turn on my computer to remind myself of things, as I have to, then there's every chance of me forgetting. But I'm pleased to report that today, I remembered the salad. I had it with cheese on toast. Yes! Cheese on toast. Well, as I keep saying and having to remind myself, this is a long term project. Whenever I've tried to run before I could walk in the past I've, you guessed it, fallen over and hurt myself. Whether it be exercise or dieting or any new project, I've always ended up in pain of one sort or another in the past. So, again, gently does it.

I keep forgetting to move more quickly, like I'm late for everything. But that doesn't square very well with taking things easily and gently. I can see I'll have to be more robust in formulating resolutions each week so that the thinking patterns that go along with them run in parallel and don't oppose.

I'm not doing very well with 'Get more sleep' either. Ever since I made that resolution I've had difficulty sleeping whether or not I've gone to bed at a reasonable time. Maybe it's a 'Don't step on the grass' thing. My conscious mind is telling me to do one thing and my subconscious mind is telling me to do just the opposite. Who knows? I'm just tired and haven't got the strength to work that one out at present.

And I've just looked again at my resolutions and realised that today I forgot the 2 pieces of fruit. Well, tomorrow's another day. I'll maybe get it all right tomorrow???!!

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