Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One of Those Days - Day 6

Yes one of those days, totally engulfed by work from waking to a few minutes ago 16 hours later. So, I haven't given much thought to my new regime and my resolutions except to notice my departures from them today. That's one of the challenges - how to keep it 'up front', at a high level of consciousness and fit it in with everything else going on around me. Is it the first law of motion - for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction? Well, it seems that way with just about every new initiative in life. Push one way and 'it' pushes back, sooner or later. Like for instance, it's now 10.30 p.m, well past the horizon of my resolution to get more sleep. But it's the first opportunity since lunch time to get something written. And look what time I posted yesterday's 'helping'. And it's ok making a resolution to eat salad every day, but it needs preparing, which takes, yes, more time than it does to eat it. So pushing against that resolution is the 'I've not got time' demon, or worse still 'oh I can't be bothered' devil. So after after nearly a week, and only a week I'm beginning to notice the emotional and psychological and even spiritual battle that is raging for my fitness soul. And all of that is in the great beyond or right within, even before I make the conscious decision about what and when to eat, or whether to walk somewhere or go in the car.

But I won't be beaten and I'll have to find ways of outwitting those demons or at least sidestepping them. Day 7 tomorrow and only 39 weeks left!

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