Friday, 14 January 2011

Fell - Day 8

I fell! Meaning I missed posting yesterday and missed most of my resolutions. A pity it was such a stunningly unsuccessful conclusion to my first week. This journey is already very familiar. I've trodden this part of it many times in the past as I wrote a few days ago. This is the bit of the path signposted 'Good Intentions Street'. It's great at first, such an uplifting place to be, straight and wide. Then as you travel further down it, luxuriating in all the attention grabbing sights such as expectation, fulfilment, promise of well being, hope of success, the side streets beckon you. They lead you off into excesses of one sort or another like, 'just another piece of cake won't hurt' or 'just 10 minutes more lie-in'. Or, just as bad, you trip over something like forgetting, for the fifth time this week, because of your inattention to keep 3 out of 5 of your resolutions and down you go.

This game demands focus first and foremost. And only on the few steps in front. Maybe the recovering addict's proverb 'one day at a time' is the best to live by. Because any dieter, anybody engineering a healthier life is giving up an addiction; the addiction to excess and sedentariness (if there is such a word and my spell checker suggests not) or to be brutally honest, giving up indolence and sheer laziness.

So, on this first day of my second week, with only 39 weeks to go. I'll add another resolution - Pay Attention, One Day at a Time.

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