Saturday, 8 January 2011

Weigh In - Day 2

I weighed myself this morning - 13st. 2lbs. i.e. 83 kilos. (13st. 7lbs. with my clothes on.) All the wisdom says I should be 10st. 10lbs to 11st. 11lbs. i.e. 73 kilos. So, I've a way to go. But 40 weeks to do it which means an average of a pound a week. I'm sure that easy does it is best. When I get some momentum going then I can push myself a bit.

These long nights and very cold days and nights can make me feel miserable. I think making the choice to be happy about what you are doing is key to success. That's why I want this to be fun. It's no good if it's not. It's hard enough to be cheerful in winter without putting yourself through some tough regime which makes you feel bad as well. So, as I said, easy does it and enjoy it.

I kept to my resolutions today and my stomach knows about it! Salad and two apples has come as a bit of a shock especially at this time of year. But it's a small price to pay for the eventual benefit. But this is the full extent of the pain I'll be putting myself through. And it's only short lived. It won't get any more painful than this I can promise myself. And when my stomach gets used to salad and more fruit and veg the pain will subside.

I want also to get rid of the shocking chronic catarrh I've had for months and months. The only thing that clears it up is hot sunny weather. But I can't continue with it like this so I'm hoping my new eating regime, exercise and some gentle therapy will help.

I've been looking through one of my optimum nutrition books to refresh myself on the science of all this. It's too complicated for me now, well not really, it's just that I've not got the concentration span or the patience these days for all that technical detail. It's something to do with being older, fatter and more unfit than ever. You don't really need it though if you're not doing a degree in nutrition or nutritional therapy. No, 'eat your greens' will do for now, plenty water and get moving quicker than I normally do. That will suffice. It's only day 2 remember! Walk the dog now and an early night. Work tomorrow and an early start.

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